If you own a business in Lakeland and have considered investing in web design, keep reading.

After you finish this report, you’ll know why website design is important for your business in 2019, and what your next steps should be moving forward.

In order to get a complete picture, I’ve broken this report down into five main sections:

The Growing Economy In Lakeland

Although there are multiple indicators of growth, to keep this report simple I will primarily discuss population and housing data.

The average population growth in the United States has hovered around (0.7%) for the past five years. Our neighboring cities, Orlando and Tampa, have averages that are around three times higher.

With Lakeland nestled between Orlando and Tampa and perfectly positioned on the I-4 corridor, we’ve also seen a higher than average growth rate.

Lakeland Web Design Population Graph
Lakeland Web Design Housing Data

Additionally, realtor.com just named Lakeland the number one hottest housing market of 2019. It makes sense. In early 2015 the housing inventory in Lakeland was almost 1,600 units.

Fast-forward to 2019, and there are less than 1,000 units available. When you combine this housing data with the population data, it all points to one direction; Lakeland is growing and more customers are moving into the area.

Lakeland Web Design Housing Data

What This Means For Local Businesses

For local businesses, this means there’s a large opportunity for growth. Unfortunately, not all businesses will emerge victorious. The companies that will benefit from the growing economy are businesses that invest in web design. To illustrate, I’ll use an example.

When I moved to Lakeland, I was in need of a new dentist. Naturally, I took out my phone, went on Google, and searched, “Dentist in Lakeland”. In order to narrow down the results, I excluded companies with bad websites, and then followed that up by scanning some reviews. And just like that, I made my decision.

Lakeland Web Design Mobile Search
Lakeland Web Design Complete Victory

Like it or not, most interactions with new customers are happening online. Your website is your online real estate and if you’re not investing in it, you’re turning away a significant amount of customers.

If your website looks subpar, customers will think your company is subpar. If you want to be the business that wins new customers, you need to evaluate your online presence and make sure your website matches the professionalism of your company.

Lakeland Web Design Complete Victory

How Lakeland Can Leverage Web Design

The process of earning new customers isn’t a mystery. It’s as simple as showing up where your customers are looking, and making sure you look professional.

Professional web design will help you rank higher on Google so more clients see your business, and it will help you convert a higher number of those customers. Professional web design is a combination of all of these things:

  • Looks good (Modern Design)
  • Uses targeted keywords (SEO)
  • Works well on all devices (Responsive)
  • Quicker than your competitors (Site Speed)
  • Drives customer to an action (Sales Funnel)
  • Is easy for the customer to use (Functional Design)
  • Engages your customer and drives value (Quality Content)
Lakeland Web Design Responsive

When you get all of these things right, your website will have a substantial impact on your business. The above recipe for a successful website isn’t complicated, but it does require all the ingredients in order to work.

The best way for Lakeland business owners to leverage web design, is by investing in it, and not cutting any corners. When you cut corners on web development, you end up wasting time, and money.

The Next Steps For Your Business

When it comes to website design, most businesses fall into three categories: have no website, have an incomplete website, have a complete website. Below, I’ll cover the appropriate steps for each business in 2019.

Lakeland Web Design No Website

No Website [Let’s Get The Fire Started]

If you don’t have a website your next steps are pretty simple; hire a web design company. Throughout time businesses have had to adapt, and right now we’re past the point of adaptation. In 2019 websites are necessary and without one your business risks extinction.

To narrow down potential web design companies, start by evaluating their websites. If a web design company is selling websites and doesn’t have a good website, it’s best to stay away. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to reach out and request a proposal.

If you’re dealing with a professional web development company, you’ll get a thorough breakdown. In order to continue narrowing down, ask them about the seven points I listed in the above section on what a professional website should include. If they have trouble answering, it’s best to keep looking.

Lakeland Web Design Incomplete Website

Incomplete Website [Let’s Get Wood On The Fire]

If you have an incomplete website it may be for two reasons; you have an outdated website, or you have a recent website from an amateur web designer. For both cases the solution is the same; you need to invest in a website redesign, and you need to start thinking about digital marketing.

With new modern web design, you’ll be able to convert more customers. After your website is tuned up and performing at a high level, you want to make sure as many customers as possible see it. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

When looking for a web design company, it’s important to choose one that also offers digital marketing services. As businesses scale, online marketing efforts usually increase. Choosing a web developer that can scale with your business will make the process easier.

Lakeland Web Design Complete Website

Complete Website [Let’s Add Fuel To The Fire]

If you have a complete website already, congratulations! Believe it or not, there’s still a lot that can be done to improve. The next step for your business is to bolster your digital marketing activities so more customers interact with your website.

A digital marketing agency can help you maximize results on your website through numerous strategies. Google Maps marketing for local exposure, Facebook retargeting so customers remember your business, email marketing to nurture new leads, and many others.

Ultimately, the goal of digital marketing is to send more clients to your website, and to convert more of those clients. For businesses with complete websites, digital marketing will be the fuel to your fire.

How To Make 2019 Your Best Year

If you’re a Lakeland business owner, what you should receive from this report is a great sense of optimism. Opportunities are abundant, and now you know how to position your company for success.

Someone in Lakeland is going to win these new customers; why not your business? If you want to take control of these opportunities, it’s time to invest in your company, invest in web design, and invest to win in 2019.